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Computer Salvage of Somers, CT - (860) 265-2855
74 South Road Somers, CT(get directions).

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Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday until 7pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm

Computer Salvage and Repair in East Granby CT

About Computer Salvage

Charles Colby Jr. has been working in the computer and data processing field since 1965, back when processing was still done with punch cards.

After retiring from the Aetna company, he started his own small business in East Granby, CT. Computer Salvage is now located proudly in the Center Shop at 74 South Road in Somers, CT.

Though Charles is both a unique technician and businessman, he chiefly considers himself to be a doctor to the broken or infected computers that find their way to his store. This is something that is obvious with just one glance at his workspace, which includes designated areas for out patient treatment, an infirmary and, for those unlucky machines that don't make it, a morgue.

"I figure that's what we do. We help people fix their computers that are sick," says Charles.

For the last 11 years, as computers have become more and more important to people's daily lives, Charles has seen countless customers enter his store in various stages of panic.

"A lot of people use them for their business. So we try to take care of those people right away." says Charles, who, though even being always busy, finds the time to attend each sick computer.

Once Dr. Charles has nursed the machine back to health, he can recommend a prescription to the customer to make sure it doesn't come back any time soon.

Charles and his two sons, Charles III and Carter, who work alongside their father at the store, always makes sure to get customers up to date on the latest anti-virus software and teach them how to prevent having the same problems again. Of course, it's up to the owners to make sure the computer follows the doctor's orders.